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We’ve made it our mission to make your job easier and your business more profitable through thoughtful consultation, industry-leading practices and technical expertise.

At Applifast, demands are realized and complexities are streamlined for all types of business, from trucks, trailers, trains and buses, to aerospace, marine, agriculture, electronics, and general industry.

We are not just another vendor – we are your ally, with practical strategies designed to increase efficiency and productivity, and a comprehensive selection of inventory ready and waiting to ship out when you need it.

As a family owned-and-operated company, customer care is just as important today as it was the day we opened our doors. An honest, sincere approach to business has always been part of our DNA, and it extends well beyond our products to the people we employ, and the services we deliver. Since 1974, we have helped companies of all sizes improve their manufacturing processes through our attention to detail, and uncompromising focus on safety and efficiency.

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Over four decades of experience have left us with a deep understanding of both our business, and your needs…
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We don’t just help you find the right tools for the job. We provide reliable ongoing service…
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Trusted Advisors

We form relationships based on trust and loyalty by bringing you value – not only in our products…
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Consultative Approach

There’s nothing we care about more than your business, and we want to hear about every rivet, every stud…
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We form relationships based on trust and loyalty by bringing you value – not only in our products…
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From basic hand tools and abrasives through to specialty tooling and advanced fastening
systems, we have one of the largest product offerings in Canada.

Assembly Tools

Our assembly tools feature a broad selection of clutch and motor options, covering a wide range of torques at varying speeds. Coupled with a diversity of attachments and throttles, these tools are suitable for an infinite number of applications. Our commitment to quality means that our tools have no torque reaction to the operator, and provide full traceability of torque values.

Rivets & Tooling

A vast array of in-stock rivets and many other types of blind fasteners provide limitless combinations and possibilities for any and all of your unique fastening demands. To discover the optimum answer for your business’ needs, we take into account the material alloy and thickness, hole size, and item application, and then consider head styles, body types, and shear and tensile strengths to determine and recommend the right rivet and tooling for the job.

Fastening Technology

In theory, a fastener is a device used for attaching one thing to another – but trust us, there’s a lot more to it than that. Correct fastening means consistent clamp and a stronger joint. You can count on us to deliver superior fastening expertise, complete with documented shear and tensile strengths, for an unmatched, vibration-resistant fastening solution that is safe, efficient, and cost-effective.

Aerospace Fasteners & Tools

Different materials and different applications combined with stringent specifications all require definition of particular fasteners and tools. With our diverse range of advanced drilling tools, cutters, and installation tooling, we can accommodate your specifications for material variation, hole quality, access points, production rate, fixturing, and other vital factors.

Cutting Tools & Material Finishing

Almost every manufactured product requires cutting, grinding, blending, sanding, finishing, or cleaning at some stage of the production process. A correct tool with the right abrasive will optimize operator safety, improve process efficiencies, and maximize the service life of the abrasive. We match the proper tool to the appropriate abrasive, to ensure that production costs are managed and budgets met while safety is always maintained.

Industrial Health & Safety

Good employees deserve to be well cared for – their appreciation will show in higher productivity and increased morale. Industrial health and safety is imperative in every workplace, and that includes everything from occupational skin care, to anti-fatigue matting and clean floors. We consider your employees in every solution we present, and can ensure that your staff are protected by the utmost in safety standards.

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Preventive Maintenance Program

Our team of expert and factory certified technicians work closely with Production and Maintenance Teams offering reliable technical support and preventative maintenance programs to ensure tool reliability and quality control of assembly processes.

Proactive tool health assessments and regular tool maintenance is a proven factor for longer tool life cycles and lower repair costs, effectively reducing your total cost of ownership and minimizing production stoppage risks.

Applifast has earned the trust of customers through proven expertise, extended hours of support and by delivering only genuine OEM parts as required on time, every time. With an in-depth understanding of today’s manufacturing technologies, processes and plans, Applifast is certified by most of our global partners to offer factory authorized after-sales service including warranty repairs should they arise.

Unique Facilities

Applifast is a neighbor to many world class companies located in Murray Industrial Park, a functional and progressive business park located close to the Winnipeg International Airport.

A business structure founded on continual investment in employee training, information technology, task operation amenities, demonstration tools, OEM service tooling and extensive inventory is housed in a organized, purpose built, stand-alone facility, designed with modularity and adaptability to incorporate Applifast’s current every day needs and future growth.


Applifast’s modern ERP inventory system is an accurate, concise, efficient system of information for our comprehensive selection of inventory available for same day shipping in Winnipeg and right across North America. Every item is inspected and confirmed upon arrival at Applifast and then entered into stock by part number and placed into a designated stock location. All orders are picked, inspected and verified by a minimum of two personnel and packaged securely in clearly labelled Applifast cartons and affixed with all necessary paperwork to ensure safe arrival of goods to the correct address.

Creating Innovative Solutions for Industry with Experience, Technical Knowledge and Service

At Applifast, demands are unraveled and complexities are streamlined for all types of business including trucks, trailers, trains, buses, aerospace, marine, agriculture, electronics and general industry. Applifast isn’t merely another vendor but an ally with practical strategies of integrity and value to increase efficiency and productivity in your manufacturing processes.

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Client Testimonials

Your expertise and support are an asset and are greatly appreciated. We thank you very much.

– Manufacturing Engineering Specialist

I appreciate your time Vern and thanks for getting back to me so quickly.

– Agriculture Implement Manufacturer

got the mats!! They are awesome. I really appreciate all your help I will probably order more (anti-fatigue mats)

– Government of Canada